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69 Street Boss

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69 Street Boss


This is my Brother-in-law's 1969 Sports Roof. It started life as a 351w 4v with an automatic transmission and A/C. He picked it up when he was in high school. He wanted something more then just a plain Sports Roof. Looking in some Mustang Magazines he found an article about putting Cleveland heads on a Windsor block. This was just what the doctor ordered! A Clevor was born.

It took some time but the parts started to roll in. Many parts were special order but most were replacement parts for motors already out there. It has Boss 351 pop up pistons, Australian rods, and a set of Rodes lifters to give it that solid cam sound.

 When he pulled the engine out to do all the work of balancing and assembly of the heads on it, he also converted it over to a 4 speed. The car already had a open 9 inch rear end so he also swapped the third member for a locking unit. 

After all the pony power he added, he then added a NHRA certified roll bar.

Nice car Bob!


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