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The Convertible

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The Convertible for 1970 maintains Mustang's long hood / short deck design proportions. Exterior design features include:


A top folding mechanism that permits retention of a large rear quarter window and stacks the top nearly flush with the beltline.

A four-ply vinyl top available in black or white. Hidden fasteners on the top boot add to the attractive top-up or top-down appearance. Extra padding under the top fabric along to the upper side areas provide a smoother exterior appearance. Optional "Folding Glass" backlight available with power operated top. A concave rear panel flanked by recessed triple taillights with bright metal frames. Backup lights are mounted in the splash shield below the rear bumper.



The Mustang Convertible includes all the interior features of the hardtop plus a top linkage arrangement that conceals the balance link mechanism and provides a neat interior appearance. All-vinyl interiors are provided in black, white, blue, vermilion, ivy green, or ginger and feature color-keyed wall-to-wall nylon carpeting. Long, energy-absorbing armrest house the squeeze-type recessed handles. Deep-padded, high-back bucket seats have molded urethane varying in thickness to provide additional comfort and side support.



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